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tv   Good Morning Cleveland at 6am  ABC  September 1, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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a woman shot right in front of her children. i am live in akron learning about the moments that led up to it. candidates are hitting the campaign trail why the eyes of our nation are shifting to our state. plus helping feed the need of the hungry. why one local organizations is -- says there need for a kitchen is even greater . good morning. >> can you believe it is the first day of september.
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spice latte and we're wearing our orange because it is the browns last preseason game of the year. >> fans want to know what the forecast will be like tonight. this is in honor of the first day of meteorologist: fall as well as the fact that pumpkin spice lattes are available at the forecast which is going to feel a lot more like fall. we are going to see a mix of sun and clouds, stray shower 2 possible today. it is overall dry. even though we have been talking about how much it feels like all, it is going to feel like summer for your labor day forecast. right now a dry start to the morning. you don't have to worry about rain heading out the door. temperatures, 50 degrees in orwell. it is cool and some spots.
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. temperatures are in the 50s. a very chilly start but we will warm up nicely, pretty mild. very comfortable. temperatures are in the 70s this afternoon. it is not hot like we are used to seeing. tonight we do have a pretty big closure happening, a wrap closure, 271 northbound. that will go until friday morning at 6 am. elsewhere we're not seeing problems on the highways. let's have outside and check on our odot views . this is 71 red at bagley. those northbound lanes look pretty quiet. let's check in with jon rudder. >> we have another closure to tell you about, the inner belt bridge closure is going to be happening tonight. i thought it was going to be happening overnight tonight but i was wrong. it will happen tonight thursday
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until 6 am. there asking to opt for the alternate 490 to 77 n. of. good news no accidents we're seeing from air tracker 5 . we will keep you updated. >> that is a true man of integrity when you can admit mistakes. our overnight news tracker was on the scene of another smash and grab. this one was in cleveland. the thieves took out of side of the building. the atm is also missing. car chase overnight in akron. this happened near virginia avenue. this chase when on for about 2 minutes before the people inside ran. they were both quickly taken into custody. cops found a large bag of marijuana and also a lot of cash in that car . we will keep you updated as we learn more. this morning we have developing story: a woman a
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what happened last night, but first we want to know how is she doing this morning? >> reporter: akron police are telling me that woman is still alive this morning, but she is in pretty bad shape. the neighborhood was dark and quiet when we were there, but investigators describe the pretty horrific scene unfolding around 7:40 last night. a 25- year-old man kicking the front door open, shooting his girlfriend multiple times with her 3 children in the house when it happened. in they were not hurt. there mother was rushed akron city hospital with serious injuries. again, police tell me she is still alive we are i am checking in with apd and we will bring you any updates that they give us. a grand jury is now considering charges in the case of a north ridgeville man accused of gunning down a woman after a car crash. police say matthew, the one who ran a red light and crashed
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then got out of his car and shot her. his friends told us he suffers from ptsd. >> we are concerned about the fact that appears to be an attempt and we are not accusing anyone of that but to spin the tragedy and make him the victim as opposed to hurt. >> he is being held on a million-dollar bond as his case most to county court. the presidential race is making a stop here today. >> joe biden play -- pay a visit to permit today . that is where we find our very own nick foley. good morning. >> reporter: good morning guys, there is no denying how important the state of ohio is when it comes to presidential elections and the season is proving to be no different. joe biden will make a stop here
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at least once a week we have seen one of the candidates or one of there big-name supporters in ohio campaigning. hillary clinton was in cincinnati yesterday and donald trump will be there today. joe biden returns northeast ohio on his heels from his visit this summer when he picked up cavaliers gear. once again ohio is proving just how important it is to win and help set the tone for the rest of the election.. >> testing messages and seeing what type of response you get will have an impact on what you can do in those other states. >> joe biden is expected to be here at the uaw in parma at 5:15 after the visit in johnstown. a community center is getting a much-needed upgrade -- they're not all the way there and could use your help.
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is tearing up an old outdated kitchen and dining area and replacing it with a new state- of-the-art facility. they see the need is so great it just had to be done. >> no air conditioning so when it is 90 degrees outside, it is 100 and some change inside. you can be in the middle of making a meal and the oven will break. >> we are feeding more people this is kitchen is designed for. >> money for this project came from donors open up a new space in november serving up 450 meals. we're excited for the last preseason game of the year for the browns. they will play the 4th and final match tonight against the bears. you can watch it right here on news channel 5. our coverage starts at 7. kickoff is at 8 and then you can join us for that post game show.
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for this evening. i think it will be just fine. temperatures will be on the cool side but at least you don't have to battle rain. here's a look at your day planner, at 8 am a lot of us started off in the upper 50s and 60s. as we head to lunchtime we will gain not just but not breaking that boundary only reaching about 73 degrees. it looks like the model is wrong here but nonetheless a nice mix of sun and clouds throughout the day. going viral: why there. plus, is -- . >> we did discuss the wall but not payment. that will be for a later date. >> the mexican president has a different story. why he is calling donald trump a liar where -- tropical storm hermine gaining strength. the latest on where she is
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in this mornings gma first look, how this vacation later 2 women behind bars in an australian jail. the 22-year-old and the 28-year- old posted images showing an extravagant and fun filled crews on instagram, but authority say they discovered 209 pounds of cocaine in there luggage worth the staggering $22 million. >> this is the biggest feature of narcotics through a . >> the seizure of these drugs has disrupted the supply of cocaine to the streets of sydney and beyond . we will have more on the investigation
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. >> number one: are you ready? are you ready? we will build a great wall along the southern border. donald trump unveiling his detailed 10 point immigration plan. among other things policies and expand the border patrol. he added there will be zero tolerance for undocumented residents -- immigrants arrested in the us. . >> before laying out his plan he met with the mexican president claiming the 2 of them talked about that wall he is promising to build, but they did not talk about who would pay for it. however, the mexican president called donald trump a liar tweeting they didn't -- they
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trump it would not be mexico. speaking of the mexican president, he is expected to deliver his state of the nation. he will discuss the challenges ahead in the upcoming year but also talk about how they will respond to donald trump's proposals if he is elected. right now they are still going through all of the damaging ability to -- italy from the earthquake that killed 300 people. . >> also, mother teres catholic saint. hope francis will canonize her at the vatican sunday. monday marks the 19th anniversary of her death. she is known for dedicating her life to helping those in need. to become a catholic saint, vatican officials must document 2 miracles after the death. 2 people claimed there tumors were healed after praying to mother theresa. a hurricane warning issued for parts of florida as
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strength and speed . some people are taking advantage of the flooded streets. forecasters are saying this is going to keep bringing heavy rain to the tampa bay region through tonight into early tomorrow. hermine is expected to strengthen to 75 mile per hour win just before hitting landfall bringing possibly 15 inches of rain in some spots. already dealing with flooding and it could get a whole lot worse pull it up on the radar and satellite. outside of the rain and the clouds you can see all of those warnings and watches being lit up from florida panhandle all the way up through savanna into parts of south carolina. they are really going to be in for it and we are going to keep our eye on the storm. here at home we're pretty dry. our model is trying to bring in a lot of cool stuff. i'm thinking because we have that cooler air over the lake that is why it is doing that,
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sprinkles or stray shower. other than that a nice mix of sun and clouds. 5:30 p.m. , if you have any outdoor festivities plans maybe you're headed to the browns game, you're looking good for this evening. friday morning, notice what happens. we start to see the temperatures a little bit warmer then we work this morning . it is so cool in the 60s. as we head through your friday afternoon, it will be dry and clear just-in-time for the holiday we can. everything i was talking abt have the cool air really beginning to ride in behind the front that brought us the rain yesterday. it is cooler. august, overall, it has been a warm august. is the warmest we have seen on record. we were faring pretty high with average temperature. we had 11 days of 90 degree temperatures or higher . we will continue the street as we head into the month of september . we will actually get a shot of seeing
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activities planned. the holiday is a great day to go swimming and i think the temperatures will agree with that. -- our odot camera shows 77 getting a little bit busy. the turnpike maybe have some busier spots but for right now were looking okay. i am noticing 71 getting busy right as you approach the anabel bridge. eastbound 77 and 271, 7 minute commute at 65 miles per hour. other drive times look good . we will monitor these all where -- we are right where we should be . let's get a check in with don runner.. >> we have gone a little further east then we used to. you can see traffic is moving along nicely out here. on the left side of your spring -- string that is where 480 turns into 271. no other issues to report from air tracker 5 that i did hear
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the west to check that out. back to you. black river high school recently adopted a new strict dress code for the school year but it quickly got a lot of complaints because teachers were punishing cheerleaders saying they are uniforms violated the code. the school says those uniforms to comply in cheerleaders will be allowed to wear them on game day and spirit day. in south carolina school parents accusing the teacher of throwing the sectional daughter's shoes into the trash . the daughter said she was punished because she kept playing with the shoes. when she was asked to stop she was told she had to walk around barefoot for a half hour before she could get the schools -- shoes back . the school board is now investigating. this story is heartwarming. is trending all across the nation. >> a moment of kindness caught on camera and is now being
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rudolph, fsu university -- football player .. >> i saw him by himself and i was like can i have a seat -- cannot you with you and he said sure, why not. -- can i eat with you and he said sure, why not. . >> the student's mother said seeing this made her quite now fsu fans for life. . >> the mom said her son is still talking about this. . >> he was talking about the conversation they had and he said it was such an easy flowing conversation. he said the kid asked to work -- was he in the nfl and he said not yet
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good morning and welcome back. it is 6:2022 on your thursday. people are recognizing september as alzheimer's awareness month. the tower lit purple to honor the cause. so far there is no core -- cure for the more than 5 million
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6th leading cause of death in the us. the theme for this month is: remember me to encourage awareness. today is the anniversary of the discovery of the titanic. it sink in the atlantic ocean in 1912 headlines have been made around the world and since then hundreds of artifacts have been pulled from the wreckage. scientists say the ship is too fragile to ever be raised. bacteria has devoured the ship overtime that is why it is important that we got as many artifacts as possible. history is so interesting. i love this. there were telling me to wait until i saw the shot. let's take a look at the forecast. i want to get to the bears versus the browns, i know it is a big question, what will take place.
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degrees. we have do a chance for a few sprinkles throughout the day but all you need to know is it is going to be dry. it will feel cool as we head through the night. it will be very breezy with a wind out of the north. that is a look at your forecast, go browns. speaking of the browns, the gametime is a p.m. tonight. that is the same time that we have 90s down right over the anabel bridge closing. it closes tonight at 8 -- belt bridge closing. it closes tonight at 8 pm. let's look right here at the slowing of 71 and clarke. we're starting to see the brake lights. nothing too serious but again we are backed up on 71 from the jennings freeway past 190. wine and women sounds like a great combination but it turns out not so good for fertility. researchers say women who drink
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actually cut the chances of conceiving by 18 percent in a year. doctors think too much alcohol interrupts the woman's natural cycle and also may damage the ed -- egg . researchers say if you want to have a small glass of wine every now and then, it doesn't have a noticeable effect on fertility. a tropical smoothie cafi has a bacteria linked to it's smoothies. the cause is tainted strawberries from egypt . at least 2 victims have filed lawsuits against the company. more cases are likely to pop up since it takes 2 months for symptoms to show up. there are stores in northeast ohio but so far no one has reported any illness. a lot of people out there eating breakfast and maybe packing your lunch we have recall to tell you about this
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simmons but a lot of the products could contain -- entemann's coming up: a local school is helping in the fight against heroin. we have an update on the murder case out of new york. police are looking for a man,
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good morning cleveland and all of northeast ohio. so happy you are joining us today. >> we hope your morning is off to a great start. our team is working on several developing stories. we are getting breaking news over the live desk. this starts your thursday. will have your weather and traffic together. >> take a look at this live shot. this is such a small image but it looks like we see some stratus cumulus clouds. nonetheless, beautiful start to the morning. temperatures right now at 70 degrees in downtown cleveland, but they are a little bit warmer than
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in the upper fit 50s low 60s. this afternoon is not budging. we're at 74 degrees for a high. we're faring on the warmer side . as we head into september it feels like fall but by next week we're back into the high temperatures. we are minding -- reminding everyone about this closure on state detours pretty easy to follow. heading outside for our view on 77 right now: no issues for you . this is 77 just south of grand avenue. the northbound lanes look a tad bit easier than the southbound lanes. let's check in with jon rudder in the air tracker 5.. >> the northbound lanes on 77 look a little busier than the
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a look at how things are shaping up. you can see traffic moving along nicely. we did catch a spot in the traffic where there was a lot of traffic moving northbound but on the turnpike and 77, no other issues to report. good news, we haven't seen any accidents up here from air tracker 5. it has been a nice thursday morning commute. back to you. stay on top of breaking news. our overnight news tracker on scene of another smash and grab sitting us this video from a convenience store. they took out one building in the atm is also missing. developing this morning in akron, woman fighting for her life after being shot in front of her kids. >> her boyfriend was arrested after leading police on a chase. sarah phinney is live this morning. sarah, what have you learned? we are getting new information in. i just spoke with akron police. they are identifying the 25-year-old
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he is the father of the children who was present during the shooting. i'm also learning the woman just got out of surgery. at around 10:00 last night williams kicked in her home shooting sweet six-year-old woman several times. according to police, 3 young children were inside. i am learning those children are 4, 3 and an infant. again williams is the father of those kids. they were not hurt. first responders rushed the after the short chase the 25- year-old williams was arrested. police tell me he had a stolen weapon he throughout the window. they were able to recover that weapon. williams is expected in court sometime this morning and he is facing a whole lot of charges. i'm going to let you know a little bit more about that in the morning sprint. new for you this morning: a 14-year-old girl arrested in south euclid.
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unkindness to still a car. 2 girls approached a woman's home and said they were in trouble so she let them use her bathroom and that is when she noticed her keys were gone and her suv was taken right from her driveway. police tracked down the car using onstar and the 14-year- old was arrested. now new information from the 16-year-old who died from a heroin overdose at a hotel. his mother and grandmother pled guilty in admitted to giving him drugs that killed him. he was found dead in april. both women will be sentenced in october. a family friend was also sentenced to 4 years in this case. today superintendents from across northeast ohio will learn what they can do to prevent addiction. the fbi and dea will talk to them about drug abuse and was schools can do to help. this is happening at aurora high school. about 2 dozen superintendents are expected to
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getting to students before they are addicted. they are doing random drug test on to his from 7 until 12th grade. students with positive test on suspended. instead there given help and there positive test is not shared with police. the presidential campaign should just call ohio the 2nd home because they makes stops here so frequently. they will be here again today. nick foley is tonight. good morning. >> reporter: the push for ohio continues with the vice residential visit here at the ua w. just important is ohio? we are certainly learning that because this marks the 6th straight week since the rnc that one of the candidates has campaigned here in ohio.
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mate tim kaine. biden returns to ohio after a stop in cleveland earlier this summer. the summer visits to ohio by presidential candidates and the contingents is nothing new over the years. a goes to show you how important winning this battleground state will be come november. >> when you look at the polling numbers we're still within a few points of marginal error and that means we're so that around. they will still -- battleground. they will keep visiting and still coming because there is a lot of -- in ohio. . >> if you're not registered to vote, you can to get a postcard in the mail. the ohio secretary of state plans to contact 1,000,000 1/2 people. those mailers will cost nearly
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will come from a grant. the last day to register for the november election is october 11 . coming up: florida could get there first hurricane in 11 years. they are already
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good morning and welcome
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door there are a few things i need to snow . we will see a nice mix of sun and clouds thursday. the rain chance is minimal that we could be a stray shower or 2 in the mix. otherwise temperatures are the headlines. 70 sandusky. 71 beachwood. 72 euclid. akron, canton notice these numbers are warmer, 78 degrees down there. either way it is feeling a lot like fall, but next week we're headed back to the 90s. >> it has been a roller coaster override. i want to mentio seeing a backup on 77 right now . if we can pull up that odot camera, 77 and 480. not sure why. no accidents coming in at i will let you know why we're seeing this. these are the northbound lanes sorting to look like a parking lot . we will check in on that. now and health news: a new survey out this morning says two thirds of americans think that pharmacies should totally
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nearly half of smokers agree with this. this study done by the cdc which is pushing pharmacies to stop selling tobacco products. you might remember cvs stop selling tobacco products and because of this they have seen the profits go up. your smart phone may actually make you healthier. researchers looked at hundreds of studies and they found people use health websites and apps tended to exercise more, lose weight, eat more fruits and veggies and even cut back on smoking and heavy drinking pedometer and keeping in touch with your doctor. are you avoiding cleaning your bathroom? we are about to give you an excuse, chemicals in the cleaning products could hurt your lungs researchers found chemicals damage among unction by up to 14 percent. this is pretty serious for all of us but especially for pregnant women.
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of course if you are pregnant you should not be around those chemicals because a lot of the cleaning products contain bleach but if you are not pregnant, they always suggest wearing the facemask -- or using the natural cleaners. there is a whole new push for that and they are becoming more popular. good advice. look at us, suzy homemakers over here.; right back into a half minutes. morning sprint morning america.
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good morning to you. now first day of school delayed. kids can't be inside after a fire over the summer. we have the weather and traffic team here to help you get out the door. we have your drive times and jon rudder is in the sky. let's start with the lady on the right side of your screen, tomorrow theodore. it is the first day of september. >> it is also the first day of meteorologist call ball --
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marker but as i said, this is an anomaly because everyone is in the low 50s -- low 60s upper 50s.winds out of the north. it will feel very breezy. on the radar you so we're drying quiet. it is a look on future cast. we have cool air moving over lake erie. that will few stray showers . we will not see a washout or a lot of scattered showers. i'm talking about a stray shower or 2 otherwise low clouds. notice temperatures are not budging much. we're staying drying quiet. as we head through your friday much of the same with a chance for stray shower otherwise dry, cool start and cool indie. the real interesting picture comes in on sunday.
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yesterday. with the cold front we saw showers and thunderstorms. a few of us got raindrops. as far as today, the players and union, taking over and will hold on through the weekend. as we head into saturday and sunday, these numbers go back up. it is not officially fall. it is still technically summer. it will fill like that -- it will feel like that next week. i would make a full day . let's look at your drive times. five-minute delay for you in this section of 71 as you approach the anabel bridge. other drive times looking good. 77 just over half hour. let's had outside and check at 77 and the turnpike. a few minutes ago we were looking at stop and
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we had our news tracker 5 in the area saying 77 is getting congested. i did see a report of an accident on 77 northbound and grand avenue. i'm not sure if it is still there but i know jon rudder was flying over that area. how is it looking?. >> it is looking pretty backed up. i will play video for you right now. this was that backup you were talking about. it looks like it was able to clear once you get to about gr again, we saw heavy traffic coming from 480 on to 77. as you mentioned, there was that accident that we did see. i do want to mention the anabel ridge -- anabel bridge. that will be close from a p.m. until 6 am. breaking overnight here at
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involved in a chase. they tried to pull the call over trying car over but the driver took off. police found the vehicle wrecked . the car was taken at gunpoint just a few weeks ago and they are now your printing it to see if they can find the suspect. 2 people arrested after this chase overnight inaccurate. it started as a you can see the car with flat tires. it also had maryland plates. the chase went on for 2 minutes before the people inside ran. they were both quickly taken into custody. cops found a large bag of marijuana, a lot of cash in the car . we will keep you updated on the stories. knowledge go out to sarah phinney live in akron. >> reporter: within the last 20 minutes i have learned brand- new information about a woman shot multiple times by her
6:49 am
children. this happened last night around 7:40. police are identifying suspect. they say he kicked the front door open, shooting the 26 or woman multiple times in front of there kids. about a half-hour after the shooting, officer spotted the suspect. he led them on a short chase throwing a stolen weapon out of the window. police recovered it and arrested him. i learning the woman is still alive this morning and just out of surgery is still in really serious condition. williams has been in trouble with the law before for domestic violence. he is expected to be in court this morning and is facing a whole lot of charges including felonious assault and felony domestic violence. i am told the kids are in child protective services . we will continue to follow the story. today was supposed to be
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preparatory academy in akron but instead students will have to wait another week. a fire over the summer is delaying the opening. a fire marshal inspected the building yesterday and said they shouldn't open until tuesday. joe biden is in town today. nick foley is live where he is campaigning hillary clinton. there is no denying just how important the state of ohio is when it comes to the presidential election. this season proving to be at the uaw campaigning for hillary clinton. all summer long we have seen once a week visits from the presidential candidates or they are big-name supporters. hillary clinton in cincinnati yesterday and donald trump will be there today. joe biden returned to northeast ohio on the heels of his visit earlier this summer when he picked up cavaliers gear.
6:51 am
now -- just how important ohio is to winning.. >> you can come in our neighborhood into this, dumping because we are not putting up with it. is a problem upsetting a lot of people. people just don' of the road or in vacant lots we are the city now says there are 5000 illegal dumping sites and they are doing something about it. they will use 2 dozen new surveillance cameras to catch people. they have already made several arrest. changes are coming to the tesla autopilot system because the death of a canton man. josh brown collided with a semi truck back in may. he was
6:52 am
tesla. they believe the cameras and radars did not spot the truck. a player caught by the browns wants the team to pay for his surgery. williams says he has known spurs on his and hope. you feel the physical after he was released monday. he has had 2 doctors told him he needs surgery. they said he had to sit out the first preseason game wanted to retire and did it mention an ankle injury until the next day. the browns are back on the field against the bears. kickoff is at 8:00. you can only see the game right here on news channel 5. our coverage starts at 7. a job fair is being hosted for veterans. 25 companies will be there.
6:53 am
also, police are cracking down on drunk driving. the campaign will last through labor day. don't go anywhere. the morning sprint continues in 60 seconds . we will see you
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a hurricane warning issued for parts of florida off coast overnight as a tropical storm pics of strength and if it doesn't -- if it does become hurricane it will be the first in 11 years . it is already causing issue so we will go out to our sister station in tampa. >> reporter: i am reporting from clearwater community that has been evacuated. people say yesterday the water on this road was about were feet high to the top of the signed. to give you an idea, here you can see people grabbing what they can carry and waiting for the
6:55 am
flooded out before back in june . power has been cut to about 100 properties in the area. there is more rain on the way. >> let's talk about people in hawaii: they are breathing a sigh of relief, hurricane madeleine has been downgraded to a tropical storm. they are still under warnings and people are being told to prepare for heavy rains and strong win -- winds let's talk about new york city police. they are looking for witness that might have seen a jogger's murder. >> they say he was seen around the time that the victim was killed but he is not considered a suspect. she was killed near her home in queens back in august. anthony weiner is being investigated by child services. the new york post reports they were at his home on tuesday.
6:56 am
in his latest sexting scandal. earlier this week his wife announced they are separating. donald trump laid out a tough immigration plan in arizona. he wants to create a new task force to find and quickly remove dangerous illegal immigrants. he will expand border patrol and he says the federal government has the right to choose which immigrants stay in met with the mexican presidents climbing the 2 of them talked about the wall you wanted to bill but they did not talk about who will pay for. the mexican president called him a liar thing they did discuss who would pay and he told donald trump it would not be mexico. the streets are being recalled because they could contain plastics. this includes little bites
6:57 am
variety pack that contains the brownies, chocolate chip muffins and the blueberry muffins. highs today only reaching the low 70s. again it is noticeably cooler. there's a mix of sun and clouds were more clouds and sun. the rain chances low but i don't want to be caught off guard by a few sprinkles or maybe one or 2 astray showers. the atmosphere is prime for that . as we head into the labor day holiday will be beautiful. going to see temperatures around 90 degrees next week. right now you are looking at 77 just south of grant avenue. earlier there was a report of an accident in the area. our odot cameras couldn't seem to find it . i spoke with independent police and there doesn't seem to be an issue. it looks like we are good now. once a quick thank you to the united way for having us yesterday. we help them with the pancake flip yesterday in public
6:58 am
5000 pancakes. also want to give you a quick thank you for the ladies of rsm for having me. we talked about were going to do to make leaving amazing, even more so. have a great day everybody. good morning cleveland has been brought to you by
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good morning, america. breaking right now, state of emergency. florida bracing for its first hurricane in more than a decade as tropical storm hermine strengthens overnight. fears of flooding and tornadoes along the gulf coast. and another hurricane madeline lashes hawaii with flooding, wowerful winds and massive waves. breaking overnight, te two trump, a fiery speech on immigration. >> you can call it whatever the hell you want. they're gone. >> doubling down on his promise to build a wall and making mexico pay for it. >> they don't know it yet but they're going to pay for it. >> a sharp cry from his meeting ea earlier with the mexican president. >> the clinton camp calling it his darkest yet.


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